• Introduction of best suitable processes
  • Remove redundant intermediate processes
  • Cost and time savings from better processes
  • Optimal utilization of the functionality offered by the solution
  • Better risk management by incorporating optimum checks and controls

E-Banker Main modules

  • Data Center Module
  • Branch Module
  • Head Office Module
  • Customer Information File
  • Online General Ledger
  • Deposits and Loans, including Loan Syndication
  • Management Information System
  • Trade Finance
  • Fixed Asset and Inventory Management
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Collection and Clearing

Product Functionality

  • Easy in operation.
  • User parameterization.
  • Multifunction concept.
  • Generate all reports type.
  • Perfect RBI reporting.
  • Easy & accurate MIS view.
  • Strong Security.
  • ATM Connectivity /SMS Banking /Internet Banking /Tele banking interfaces.
  • CBS functioning on centralized database system.

E-Banker Highlights

E-Banker is a full-fledged, yet modular business solution geared to resolving the challenges faced by Banks on a day to day basis. The diverse functionality of the products encourages banks to constantly innovate and handle competition, compliance and customer demands fully.

E-Banker offers several fully integrated modules for ready utilization on a bank-specific basis. It is a comprehensive end-to-end core banking solution assisting in a wide range of banking operations, highly scalable and capable of handling large volumes of transactions.

E-Banker is a highly flexible solution for retail and corporate banking institutions and can easily integrate with third party products for functionality. Each Application Module in the Core Banking Solution has a set of application-specific parameters that can be easily modified and personalized for the development of new products.

E-Banker is developed on 3-Tier Architecture systems, a most secured system. With 24 hours, 7 days & 365 days banking. Browser Based Functionality. Complete data at a single control. Nominal data at branch server for validation & safety.