Artificial Intelligence

Automating & augmenting operations
with AI to enhance performance

Solve complex issues with AI

The abundance of available data & the scale of cloud computing makes us capable of extending the potential of our machines to outsmart human knowledge in their specific skills with AI. VGIPL provides applications & services under AI including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent automation, chatbots, sentiment analysis, biometric identification, cyber security threat detection, autonomous vehicles and robotics to help enhance your business.

Using the massive processing power, intelligent algorithms and huge data sets to mimic human cognitive abilities such as sensing the immediate environment, comprehending what’s happening, acting on information and learning through experience, AI helps ease our lives immensely. It encompasses a variety of technologies to address specific enterprise needs and use human-like abilities to accomplish a complicated task that requires constant assessment & recalibration in real time.

How VGIPL’s AI deployment eases life?


Risk & Fraud With Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Safety With Remote Sensors & Video Analytics


Data Entry Processing Times With Machine Learning.

Grow with Our Core AI Technologies



With techniques like data classification, correlation & extrapolation, machines have automated reasoning & problem solving, an example of which is categorizing e-mails. Similarly the ability to find patterns or detect & identify objects & other data has helped develop applications enabling face recognition, image recognition, speech recognition, etc. further making our devices smarter to respond to our needs better.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Using the technique of image recognition, we can now search for data using images or even videos. How it is done is that the device detects events & data of the media provided & looks for results relevant to it. This has helped by providing us technologies like navigation which has proved very beneficial to us.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Computers these days do not rely on explicit programming to analyze datasets of targeted training data or unlabeled operational data, but rather use machine learning to independently analyze large datasets. Machine learning employs self-learning to extract insights from data to understand rules, detect, correct errors & optimize performance.

Enhanced Interaction

Enhanced Interaction

AI results in enhancing the machine-human interaction by enabling a seamless collaboration between the two. AI has helped develop a clearer path of interaction with machines. Some examples of this include:

  • Chatbots that use conventional interfaces for intuitive interactions between people
  • Virtual assistants that guide users with real-time answers to ease simple tasks
  • Virtual advisors that offer personalized advice based on deep insight to solve problems & make decisions.

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