Application Services

At Virtual Galaxy, we specialize in the evolution, operation, and maintenance of your mission-critical applications. We optimize your application investments so you get more than just cost savings. Our intense focus and comprehensive approach deliver significant improvements in operational excellence, risk mitigation, tangible performance enhancements, and a strategic outlook at the long-term life and evolution of your software and processes.

For example, we're actively helping clients today to do more with less through VGIPLís Application Portfolio Assessment, which typically results in savings of:

  • 30 - 50% in operation support costs
  • 20 - 40% in server consolidation
  • 10 - 15% in support costs by retiring redundant applications

We work differently than our competitors. We believe optimizing your applications can only come from working hands on with people, processes, and systems. Our dynamic, real-time experience gained from working onsite with clients inside the guts of applications means we recognize and understand nuances and subtleties about business processes and systems that can't be seen from afar by typical firms.

Getting the most from your existing applications depends on running them at their best, keeping them running, and building them to adapt to new directions. At Virtual Galaxy this is our specialty.