CBS - Core Banking Solution

Banking business has evolved over a period and grown exponentially encompassing an entire gamut of products and transactions under a wide umbrella. All such activities undertaken by a bank is called Core Banking. "Centralized Online Real-time Exchange". This basically means that all the bank's branches access applications from centralized datacenters. This means that the deposits made are reflected immediately on the bank's servers and the customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the bank's branches throughout the world. These applications now also have the capability to address the needs of corporate customers, providing a comprehensive banking solution.

Beyond the financial drivers, IT globalization, increasing compliance and industry consolidation, are some of the other key motivators for opting to core banking system. Banks are shifting from cost reduction to growth. Industry consolidation, increased customer demands and pressure of data management has led banks to feel increasingly limited by the capabilities of their present systems.

Our CBS are banking applications on a platform enabling a phased, strategic approach that lets people improve operations, reduce costs, and prepare for growth. Implementing a modular, component-based enterprise solution ensures strong integration with your existing technologies. An overall service-oriented-architecture (SOA) helps banks reduce the risk that can result from multiple data entries and out-of-date information, increase management approval, and avoid the potential disruption to business caused by replacing entire systems.


Designed keeping in mind the extensive requirements of the financial services industry, E-Banker is built to deliver in line with the prevalent best-practices in the industry.

E-Banker offers banks the opportunity to meet present challenges with reduced costs and enhanced customer management measures. Information management and Risk Management is the key.