Articulating Next-Gen Core Banking Solution

Key Technical Capabilities

24/7 processing of large transaction volumes, with high availability

Multiple delivery channel support, including ATMs-EFT Switching, Internet Banking on any mobile device, Tab Banking, NEFT / RTGS & IMPS, Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals & call centres /help desk

Security management covering application and role based access

Centralized, decentralized & combination deployments

Ease of integration with existing systems using flexible Enterprise Edition technology transaction volumes, with flexible configuration features

Operational risk management controls, including limits, collateral, and non-performing assets

It addresses core, CRM, e-banking, mobile, payments, digital commerce, loan origination, liquidity management, financial inclusion, treasury and wealth management requirements

E-Banker Modules

E-Banker Modules

E-Banker have the various back office modules which are linked with the CBS. These back-office modules are deployed and parameterized facilitating banks to design their own reports, generate statutory reports, and much more.

The head office / back-office modules are as under:

Management Information System (MIS)

It is a multi-branch / multi-currency software. It is based on Loans and Advances (Bank’s Assets) and Liabilities (Deposits), Expenses & Incomes.

Our range of business or commercial banking solutions includes services and software which are programmed to help firms handle consistency and risk issues alongside money-related services. It is a crucial task for the banks managing and settling financial transactions and securities.


The software is made for the various types of Reconciliation. For examples, online matching at the time of responding transactions entries, aging wise entries, a listing of closely match entries, etc.

Share and Membership

This module helps in maintaining a database of members in different categories including their shareholding. It performs functions like dividend payment on the share, link with the CBS enabling bank to generate a report on member’s liability, etc.

Credit Appraisal Management System

This module supports banks to look after all the procedures associated with different loan schemes starting from the queries to the disbursement.

Treasury and Investment

Many essential Bank activities are supported by this module like dealing with room activities, Forex Transactions, Primary & Secondary Markets, Multi-currency Trade Finance Operations, etc.

Fixed Assets Management

E-Banker permits the banks to keep a check on what assets it owns, location of each asset, the costing and depreciation value of each asset, etc.


It becomes easier for banks to maintain records of their correspondence details with the help of E-banker. All the records like memos, notices, agreements, circulars, letters, etc. can be indexed easily.

Internet, Mobile, Tab & SMS Banking

E-Banker have opened the new horizons for the Banking Service Delivery to the customers. It makes easier for the customers to acquire the Banking Services on the finger tips via Internet, Mobile, and Tab & SMS Banking.

In today’s fast-paced life, Banks need to avail on-demand banking solutions for a better service style. Internet banking service gives your customer complete control over online fund management. With E-Banker, you can process your bank related activities from the comfort of your home, office or ANYWHERE and ANYTIME including vacations. This benefit customers as well as Banks to cut down the operational cost.

HRMS with Integrated Digital Signature including FN-16

With E-Banker CBS HRMS implementation, the Banks can easily achieve HRM System objectives as defined below:

Allows a room for the application of the best of HR administration to increase the effectiveness of the existing Bank’s HR management and procedures

Completely integrated and with the help of E-Banker CBS system, data duplication is largely avoidable

Set of complete HRMS employee database which includes employees’ qualification, work experience, personal details, transfer and promotion details, leave management, rewards and much more

Largely supports Banks for change management

E-Banker application avails user friendly and potential querying mechanism and additionally supports effective data mining depend on well-defined parameters, processing logic, rules and criteria

Enables well-defined organization structure with different branches, offices, departments, etc. Corporate office will be in charge of data. Regional and Branch offices can work to download data from Servers of HRMS Data Centre according to characterized levels of access and authorizations.

This module also facilitates the thorough MIS reports for long periods as well as statutory requirements for reporting purposes

OSS (Off-Site Surveillance)

The Off Site checking and observation framework has been acquainted and banks are required with outfit DSB Returns. DSB Returns are statutory returns being called by RBI in exercise of intensity vested in its u/s 27(2) of Banking Regulation Act.
Non-accommodation or wrong revealing in these returns attracts in punishments as indicated in Section 46 of the demonstration.
RBI appreciates broad forces of supervision, guideline, and authority over business and co-operative banks.
E-Banker guarantee timely accommodation of control returns happen and investigation thereof is dealt with.

ALM (Asset Liability Management)

It is crucial task for bank’s senior management to balance the bank’s current and long-term potential earnings to maintain the sufficient liquidity and correct interest rate risk exposures. E-Banker CBS solution largely supports for it.

Additionally, with E-Banker solution, it is feasible to acquire a clear vision of customer base, selecting a product, funding distribution, asset mix, and risk profile.

Another major role played by E-Banker ALM solution for banks in evaluating its earnings, creates loan and deposit strategies and pricing, displays IRR exposures in detail, and calculates liquidity risk exposures and contingency funding needs.

E-Banker CBS ALM help banks to systemize and forms an essential regulatory report which bank has to do to the central bank.

E-Banker application avails user friendly and potential querying mechanism and additionally supports effective data mining depend on well-defined parameters, processing logic, rules and criteria

E-Banker CBS ALM solution offers perceptibility on Risks thro’ its analytics on “Interest Rate Sensitivity”, “Structural Liquidity Analysis”, “Dynamic Liquidity Analysis”.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

It becomes easier with E-Banker CBS AML solution to identify and report any uncommon banking activity which may raise a doubt.

E-Banker CBS AML solution comprises following risk assessment components:

  • Customers’ false identity
  • Customers’ criminal background if any
  • Several accounts of common account holder
  • Unexpected or unpredictable activity in account
  • Doubtful or non-bonafide transactions expected from declared business
  • To avoid reporting, transaction value apparently kept under threshold amount, Value inconsistent with Client’s apparent financial standing

FRMS (Financial Risk Management System)

Sizable cash balances, low-interest rates, and reduced loan demand are some common and regular challenges faced by Banks all across. It became crucial for the Bank Risk managers to find solutions to balance the bank’s current and long-term potential earnings needed to maintain sufficient liquidity and appropriate interest rate risk exposures. On the other side, policy makers are insisting the banks to submit with Statutory Risk Management Reporting structures enabling central banks monitoring and managing the risk with the banks on time.

E-Banker CBS solution avails “Financial Risk Management System” which includes different reporting solutions like OSS, ALM, AML, Audio Reports, Financial Monitoring System, etc.

Treasury Management

It is a multi-purpose service-oriented solution offered by E-Banker CBS for treasury, Securities, and derivative management. It provides all inclusive front-to-end office proficiencies with cross products processing of a wide scope of financial instruments. It can also process simple and complex derivatives, fixed income, and equity & treasure trades in an integrated system.

E-banker Treasury solution is an ideal solution for small to medium banks/financial institutions hoping to diminish costs through implementing an incorporated way to deal with business forms, system operations and data consolidation.

E-Banker Treasure Solution automates following Treasury products and services by bank to its customers:

  • Capital Market
  • Core Treasury
  • Processing Trading & Back office
  • Managing cash
  • Middle office risk and control
  • Back office operations
  • Limits monitoring
  • Accounts
  • Settlements
  • MIS & Regulatory Compliance reporting

Suite Files System (SFS)

E-Banker Legal Management module helps Bank to focus on setting up a corporate culture that spots need on carefully conforming to laws and guidelines and acknowledging consistence to fulfil society’s expectations\ for financial institution to keep up the confidence of clients and society and lawfully and aptly implement businesses.

It is a value defining solution meant to support Legal Departments of Banks in effectively pursuing operations/litigations timely and helps in flawless legal processes. Its user-friendly features and tools permit to perform various task in lesser time.

Complete Digital Payment Channels

Aadhaar Payment System

The Aadhaar Payment System (APS) is to engage a bank client to utilize AADHAAR to get to his/her AADHAAR – empowered bank account and perform basic banking transactions that are intra-bank or interbank.

Bharat QR Code

Mobile scanning of QR code will help in moving cash transfer from one source to another. Installments/payments made through QR code will straightforwardly get moved to the bank accounts unlike other digital wallets where installments/payments confirmation are received from messages/e-mails.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

We have reliable solution offering for Unified Payment Interface (U P I) platform which includes an API interface with NPCI and a widespread mobile interface for the clients. Our solution bolsters a versatile design and has been created remembering the present security challenges.

Bharat Bill Payments System

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is a centralized and interoperable bill payments framework that enables a client to pay bills online as well as offline cross-wise over geographies with conviction, dependability, and security of the transaction. BBPS is a common stage to pay different service bills like power, water, gas, phone and direct-to-home (DTH) TV administration, and so on and get instant affirmation.


Our gamut of POS solutions includes transaction processing services, deployment, and management, merchant analytics, reconciliation & back-office processing. Also, this helps to develop a merchant network with POS terminals.

CTS (Cheque Truncation System)

CTS guarantees to carry numerous advantages to clients by largely lessening the time taken for check clearance. CTS is useful for banks enabling better client services and increase in operational efficiency by lessening overheads in physical clearing.

NACH ( National Automated Clearing House)

The NACH is an electronic clearing framework that empowers records/files of payments / instalment directions to be exchanged among financial establishments. It computes multilateral net positions and presents a net settlement guidance to RTGS to play out the settlement.

GST Module

The implementation of GST Act, in India, has mandated that banks and financial institutions revisit the centralized aspect of recognizing revenues, procurement and credits. IT systems would need to be robust to serve the intended purpose of adhering to compliance and achieve credit efficiency, by timely and appropriate payment of taxes.

VGIPL, through its flagship product E-Banker, enables banks and financial institutions to perform transactions and the related complex taxation changes associated with the GST Act. The out-of-the-box and end-to-end solution has been designed to de-clutter core engines and bring out the indirect taxation logic.

Micro ATM

ATMs have developed as a well-known self-service tunnel selected by the clients’ due to convenience of extended hours availability and transacting in a secure branch-like environment

VGIPL helps you to establish a true multitudinal – channel experience by integrating and co-operating different tunnels in the network allowing to create a seamless user experience.


E-Banker module is a client focused solution which permits Banks to use CRM functions to serve their clients’ with improved services.

  • Customer Information Analytics
  • Complete vision of activities like Loan, Deposit products offered by Banks
  • Ready Reckoners for Loans, Fixed Deposits
  • Campaigns related to marketing
  • New queries are recorded
  • Sales Activities against New Inquiries
  • Process for registering complaints if any
  • Customer Care Activities against Complaints raised by the clients
  • Alerts related to various accounts viz. Overdue, FD Maturity etc.
  • Alerts related to customer events viz: Birthday, Anniversary etc.

MIS & Business Intelligence Tool

This solution largely helps in delivering understanding into key performance metrics across any financial institution. It serves banks in analyzing historical performance information and further assist in forward-looking budgeting and planning functionally that includes the unique pressures of the banking industry. With the help of this module, the banks can effortlessly control the data/information which is essential to develop an effective business plan. Additional, it also provides support for:

  • Risk of obeying with solution is reduced
  • Develop performance by increasing financial reporting and planning
  • Make additional revenues
  • Increase profit margins by streamlining your operations

LOS (Loan Originating System) & Credit Appraisals

With E-Banker CBS, from loan origination and account servicing through collections, automatic upkeep for the complete life cycle is managed on a single stage.

  • Ability to process a credit application from start to finish, while creating compliant documents
  • Ability to make work processes to increase operational effectiveness
  • Represents Credit Score parameters. Compliances and Score sections for particular compliances.
  • Credit Scoring. Work stream of endorsements by various committee individuals leading to final endorsements
  • Storage of scanned records relating to the endorsed loan case.


E-Banker offers co-operative as well as public and private banks with the solution required for implementing Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), and Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL). E-Banker has developed the interphase which is compatible with banks core banking system.

DIGI Locker, Mobile Wallets Integration

E-Banker Mobile Wallet module is a digital payment solution for the clients with a diverse profile. E-Banker’s Mobile Wallet solution offers banks to integrate with a Mobile Wallets.

Rupay KCC (Rupay Kisan Credit Card)

VGIPL provides an end-to-end solution to the banks for the issuance of RuPay cards. It is a domestic card scheme launched by NPCI. It intends to provide banks new opportunities to operate in the card payments domain of India. It helps a customer in education and circulates a gradual shift from cash to plastic money. Rupay can be used at ATMs, POS and e-commerce platforms.


NFS (National Financial Switch Integration)

The Financial Switch drives all the business standard front-end devices, for example, ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) for the handling of Debit, Credit and Smart cards, cash-in frameworks, and gives transaction approval by interfacing with Core Banking frameworks of various banks, interchanges and co-networks.


VGIPL has enabled banks to provide optimum services to their customers via NEFT / RTGS Transactions on the go. Using both the functionalities, banks can provide their customers with a facility to carryout NEFT / RTGS transactions using our e-Banker CBS Application.

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

The banking domain has witnessed a vast expansion throughout the country due to the ever-increasing rate of Technological Advancements and increasing customer expectations. To satisfy the growing needs of the updated customer, a significant rise in the number of channels have been introduced. Instant Payment Transfer through IMPS is one of the latest channel.

  • As soon as transfer is initiated, funds are transmitted instantly.
  • Irrespective of the geographical location, IMPS transfers fund electronically from one person to the beneficiary via a mobile number and / or an account number.
  • IMPS transfers can be executed via mobile phones irrespective of Geographical locations.
  • IMPS is available 24x7 inclusive of weekends and holidays.
  • Transferring funds becomes a simple process. Only the identifier and mobile number of beneficiary is required.
  • Registered clients participation only
UPI Unified Payment Interface

E-Banker offers a solution for the Unified Payment Interface ( UPI ) stage inclusive of an API interface with NPCI and an extensive portable interface for the customers. E-Banker solution supports an adaptable architecture and has been created remembering the present security challenges.

NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is a perfect solution to enable interbank, high volume, electronic exchanges which are the same throughout and repetitive. NACH System can be utilized for making mass transactions towards the delivery of subsidies, dividends, interest, salary, p ension and so forth and furthermore for mass transactions towards the collection of installments/payments relating to phone, power, water, credits, interests in shared assets, insurance premium and so on.

AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System)

VGIPL’s AEPS solution in association with a bank is a flexible and secure solution. The VGIPL’s Micro-ATM solution enables a financial institution to on-board a customer into the CBS by capturing KYC details right at the doorstep of the customer using a portable, field device. It supports cash withdrawal, cash deposit, fund transfer, balance inquiry, and mini-statement, etc.


E-Banker e-KYC serves clients to open a bank account online based on Aadhar card. This facility reduces process time for banks and clients. It also requires less documentation for customers and insurance companies.


It is a centralized repository of KYC records of clients in banking sector with standard KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records to lessen the liability of producing KYC documents and getting those confirmed/verified every time when the client creates a new relationship with banks.


E-Banker Software offers a complete solution for the essential processing of all operations in a financial organization. E-banker interfaces with third parties APIs like CIBIL to integrate and get real-time access. Banks get a credit report and CIBIL Score of applicants.

Payment Gateway

E-Banker provides a unified platform to serve bank’s core banking and other transaction systems in connecting with all the services delivery & payment channels inclusive of ATMs, Internet, Mobile, Kiosk, POS, Cards, and other Payment Gateways. E-Banker solution connects to the national & international payment gateways to provide homogeneous integration of the customer banks to the global payment systems.


In the absence of the internet, VGIPLs’ SMS banking provides this functionality to banks in an easy and secure manner. Using this product, customers can avail services like Account Balances and Summary, Cheque Status by just sending an SMS asking for the required information. Customers receive instant confirmation reply via SMS.


E-Banker can integrate insurance companies API with existing software to avail the facility of premium calculation and its payments.

Mutual Fund

Invest online in Mutual Funds, select the fund that best suits your needs and download the form and buy online.

Core Banking Solution Offerings

  • Reliable, versatile and secure hardware set-up
  • Customer-driven answer for empowering strategically pitching.
  • Data Centre and Disaster Retrieval Centre
  • Daily and occasional tasks
  • Report generation and dispersion
  • Application upkeep/support
  • Assured uptime for application and administrations
  • Service level understanding

Advantages of E-Banker

Accurate and error-free delivery of financial services is the aim of E-Banker Core Banking Solution. Thus, implementing it well, it enhances the bank’s efficiency and performance. Here, listed below are the most important positive impacts of deploying E-Banker Core Banking Solution:

  • Enabling the internal staff more effective and competent
  • Minimizing manual work limits errors
  • Frauds and thefts are prevented with a real-time banking facility
  • Operational cost is minimized
  • Reporting and analytics aids decision making
  • Aids in observing and studying ongoing changes in customers’ demands
  • Errors occur due to multiple entries can be eradicated
  • Provides an easy management of changes in existing products and draws the ability to introduce new financial products
  • Seamless integration of back-office data and self-service operations
  • The set-ups and processes by which the customers’ demands and industry are addressed can be further improved
  • Stronger and economical ways of information system management
  • Software maintenance at Branch and Head office is reduced to a large extent
  • Fast service providing by banks results in more business opportunities and legal expenses and penalties are reduced
  • Quick and accurate implementation of policies
  • Controls security and facilitates Audit
  • Drive collaboration with the ecosystem through Open APIs

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