E-Invoicing (Electronic Invoicing)

VGIPL provides E-Invoicing billing services to businesses and taxpayers through which B2B and B2C invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN which are then further used by GST Portal and e-Way Bill Portal.

E-Invoicing Innovative Solution

Data accuracy
Cost effective
Real-time monitoring
Quick and easy to deploy

VGIPL’s E-Invoicing Solution – Key benefits

  • A complete solution for end-to-end IRN compliances
  • Flexible options for ERP integration – Flat file, API based, Manual
  • The option of Cloud or On-premise deployment models
  • A User interface can be Cloud or SAP
  • Ensures legal accuracy of data by performing validation checks
  • Ease of implementation and maintenance
  • Zero investment during development or updation at the source system level
  • Possibility of the bulk generation of IRN
  • Single API for multiple compliances of IRN, EWB and return
  • Direct savings by eliminating paper, printing, invoice delivery, and storage
  • Greater security to Invoices as these are sent using private networks or specific protocols such as AS2, FTPS, Web Services, etc.

Benefits to Businesses & Taxpayers

  • One time reporting on B2B invoice data
  • Eliminates the need to report the bill in multiple formats
  • Maintenance of proper records for complete sale and purchase which ultimately helps in filing GST returns under the new GST system
  • E-Way bill can also be generated using e-Invoice data by providing only vehicle details
  • Reduces the need for data reconciliation
  • Invoices prepared by suppliers can be tracked timely
  • Taxpayers are benefited as the information gets auto loaded and it becomes easy filing with a shorter pile of compliance documents
  • Auto loaded information especially helps in generating part A of the e-way bills
  • Elimination of fake invoices
  • Real-time data entries reduce the chances for tax evasion and fraud
  • An increase in the administration department’s productivity
  • Reduces the risk of losing physical documents

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with ERPs/billing systems
  • Auto-exclusion of documents not required for IRN
  • Configurable data validation checks
  • Auto-generation of IRN
  • Cancellation of IRN
  • Reverse integration with ERPs
  • Integration with other tax tech solutions

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