Government Business Solutions is seeing varied levels of impact in different parts of the world as fallout of the global crisis that dealt a blow to all financial market. Almost all nationalized banks doing government business for the RBI. The transactions related to all government business done at branch level and it has to be transfer to Link Cell (government business department) of the bank. The Link Cell consolidates all the data received from branches via focal point or nodal offices and report it to RBI.

"Locus" is fully automated web enabled Government Business processing software. The software supports various government transactions namely CBDT, CBEC, SCSS, BCTT, RFS, Bond, PPF and Pension, etc. It enables transfer of Funds, Consolidation, Commission Calculation, Interest Calculation, Pension Processing, Reports and Scrolls in a recognized format introduced by the RBI. Software maintains all records of various branches, their RBI codes and other details for the Bank. It manages smooth and effective data flow from branch to RBI. Reverse track down of data (reconciliation with RBI (CAS)) from RBI to branch is possible in the system.

The complete centralized software system is the integration of three packs