GST Application

Benefits of GST Application

Expand your Business Online

Can take Input
Tax Credit

Become more competitive in Market

Make inter-state sales without restrictions

Advantages GST Application

    • The simple and easy online procedure
    • GST allows for seamless flow of tax credit
    • Eliminates the cascading effect of all indirect taxes in the supply chain
    • Higher threshold for registration
    • Improves the ease of doing business as GST integrates multi-layered indirect tax into a single unified one
    • Finely regulates the unorganized sector
    • Input Credit Mechanism is easily available under the GST Act
    • The overall tax burden on many commodities is dropped benefiting the end consumer

Reduce time to file monthly
GST returns by half!

autoTax GST software automates return generation, provides single login for all GSTINs and offers extensive support to reduce return filing time.


  • Import Sales Data into autoTax
  • GSTR 1 Summary is auto populated
  • Upload, Submit and File GSTR 1
  • Import purchase data
  • Run reconciliation
  • Produce insightful reports for better visibility into tax operations and accurate return filing
  • GSTR 3B is auto populated
  • Upload, Submit and File GSTR 3B
  • Import data and file GSTR 6
  • Run reconciliation and file GSTR 9

For Whom ?

Manage group level compliance with ease Ensure millions in tax is reported and claimed accurately

Reconcile tax records and file returns to ensure that no sales goes unreported purchase without tax credit claim

Manage filing and reconciliation for 100s of customers with ease through business management and role based delegation

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