Quality Standards
Quality Standards - Business Realities

Delivering with Transparency and Managing Changing Business Realities

At Virtual Galaxy Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Quality is not a destination but a journey, seeking continuous improvement and an initiative to constantly excel and surpass expectations. Our quality movement covers all roles including Management, Operations and Support Processes.

Our quality systems are benchmarked against international standards such as ISO 9001:2000 in our journey to achieve excellence

Quality Standards Principles
  • Constantly Monitor Customer Needs
  • Ensure Requirement versus Solution Partition
  • Ensure Planning versus Implementation Partition
  • Ensure frequent Incremental Delivery
  • Constantly manage Project Risks
  • Actively learn from previous Mistakes
  • Measure and Monitor Project Performance

VGIPL offers an array of delivery options including onsite, onshore, nearshore, offshore or a combination.

At VGIPL "Customer Service" is not a department ........ It's an "Attitude"