Articulating Next-Gen Core Banking Solution


Commercial Banks

From credit administration solutions to trade finance systems, we provide the most updated information on the commercial banking system in the financial sector. Also, services and software to handle financial management, risk, and agreements for business and corporations.

Our range of business or commercial banking solutions includes services and software which are programmed to help firms handle consistency and risk issues alongside money-related services. It is a crucial task for the banks managing and settling financial transactions and securities.

Private Banks

An integrated solution based on the up-to-date technologies, adding Private Banks with the required operational efficiency and consistency along with an active and diversified methodology to meet current and future necessities.

  • Unified solution to give complete private banking services
  • Trustworthy, protected and streamlined operations
  • A scalable platform which can adjust to business requirements
  • Excellent customer experience with modified reporting and 24/7 access
  • Operational cost reduction through automation and connectivity options
State Co-Operative Banks/District Central Co-operative Banks

E-Banker CBS is a verified arrangement with successful executions pan-India. The solution enables the banks to offer retail and business-related products and services and also give a strong base and support for financially included objectives. It is created based on modern technologies and design that is appropriate for this segment that works to a great extent in remote, rural regions.

Having applied easy-going-Banker core banking solution, the customer banks have had the option to effectively step onto the digital revolution path. It has applied various solutions that help to enhance value through upgraded client reach and access to banking products and services 24 x 7.

District Central Co-operative Banks

E-Banker Solution focus on the strong points of this segment by restricting customer duplication, availing customer insights, maintaining data reliability, proving timely updates, and availing complete compliance reporting.

E-Banker has closely worked with this segment and availed essential technical support to run their businesses, improvise it further, and track financial and regulatory metrics timely.

Nidhi Company

Nidhi e-Banker is specially designed software to simplify Nidhi company’s administrative, daily transaction and financial management task.

Nidhi e-Banker is an integrated software specially designed to improve the performance of Nidhi and other small banking companies.

Nidhi e-Banker Main Features

Membership Management

Member / Customer Management, Online Member / Customer registration, Online Member / Customer Panel

Term Deposits

Pigmy / daily Deposit, Recurring Deposit, fixed deposit Account, Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

Loans and Advances

Business Loan, Personal Loan, Unsecured Loan, Secured Loan (Mortgage loan), Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan, Group Loan, Loan on Deposits.

Share Management

Add/withdraw share, Share Certificate print, Dividend calculation


Branch Collection Report, Total Collection Report, Daily Collection Report, Pending Installment Report, Late Fees Report and so on…


General Ledger, Ledger / Sub Ledger Group, Journal Voucher Entry, Contra Voucher Entry, Cash book, Day book, Bank book, Receipt and Payment AC, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss A/C, Balance Sheet.

Urban Banks

E-Banker CBS is an integrated solution to keep updating banks with the changing market dynamics and client’s needs. E-Banker CBS is framed to measure functionally and supporting the growth trajectory of a bank. It includes the entire assets and liabilities business of banks, supports customer management, reports and analytics, workflow automation, and much more

Employee’s Banks / Salary Earners Co-operative Societies

Employees’ Credit Cooperatives/ banks are organized for different categories of workers to provide helping hand to the people such as salaried persons, economically weak, middle and lower class people, artisans, self–employed persons, etc.

E-Banker system helps Employee’s Bank to achieve following objectives:
  • To appraise the arrangement of working funds in regards to investments, loans and advances
  • To evaluate the overall financial performance of the sample employees’ societies.
  • To arrive at major findings and suggestions.
Community Banks

E-Banker CBS is an integrated solution to keep updating banks with the changing market dynamics and client’s needs. E-Banker CBS is framed to measure functionally and supporting the growth trajectory of a bank. It includes the entire assets and liabilities business of banks, supports customer management, reports and analytics, workflow automation, and much more.

Regional Rural Banks

RRBs are counted as one of the primary vehicles to drive financial inclusion. With E-Banker CBS, RRBs can ensure uniformity in technology platform and business processes to improve business effectiveness. The scope of E-Banker services includes building, hosting and managing the underlying infrastructure at the Data Centres. With E-Banker, RRBs can achieve their business goals of spreading banking to the rural areas.

Non-Banking Financial Companies

With exhaustive knowledge on the core NBFC business, we have planned and designed an exceptional software for NBFC that helps businesses to thrive speedily. Using our highly efficient software, business processes can be manage aptly and enhance productivity.

NBFC Loan Management

E-Banker software is providing a best in class NBFC Loan Management software to manage Entire Loan related processes those are essential and needed to run NBFC. NBFC is a company and its acts mainly receiving deposits under the scheme in one lump-sum or instalments by way of contributions or in any other manner.

E-Banker provides completely customized software for Non-Banking Finance Companies. E-Banker core team is fully dedicated and experienced in developing the NBFC software to start such company or institutions. The team is capable of developing customize NBFC software as required. It facilitates online payments to spread NBFC business across the world.

Salient Features Of NBFC Software:
  • Easy NBFC management system
  • Penalty/ late fee calculation
  • Loan management system
  • Easy Instalment deposit and many more
  • Important Reports for NBFC Software
  • Instalment Deposited
  • Upcoming Due Instalment
  • Policy Allotment
  • Loan Payments
  • Monthly Statement
  • Agent Commission Statement
  • User-Friendly, Powerful & Accurate
  • Partial Payment Calculation/Tracking
  • Easy Payment Postings
  • Charges/Collects Late Fees
  • Charges/Collects Miscellaneous Fees
Benefits Of NBFC Software:

FD, RD, and MIS are the three popular long term investment plans. People keep their money in these schemes for greater return. With exhaustive knowledge on the core NBFC business, we have designed and developed outstanding software for NBFC that will help the business to thrive speedily. Our solution is highly efficient and manages entire business processes and improved output.

Savings and Credit Co-operatives

With the help of E-Banker CBS, it easily accepts deposits from members and loans are provided at a reasonable rate of interest. E-Banker serves the purpose of Savings and Credit Co-operatives to develop the saving habit among members and provide the members loan whenever needed at lower interest rates compared to banks and financial institutions.

Micro Finance

With E-Banker CBS for Microfinance banks, it has the ability to serve the Microfinance, Micro Savings products to its individual customers, and customer groups. This solution is designed keeping in mind requirements of microfinance organizations in detail. It aims to offer on field banking services through its network which includes agents, field officers and credit officers with POS, Smartphone Banking Software to reach to the crowds.

This system gives a total control over the money distributions or collections by the field officers, issuance of receipts to the customer.Bank may ensure additional security by sending SMS confirmation of all on-field deposit transactions to registered mobiles of the customers.Our solution will overcome the challenges / limitations in the current on-field process of loan disbursement & collection.

Agency Banking

E-Banker CBS’s Agency Banking Module provides technology platform for provision of financial services to clientson behalf of the bank by an agent.

Agency banking is a comprehensive remote collection solution that uses mobile networks to provide field collectors with a full functionality required to develop their productivity in the area of microfinance.

The owner or employee of the retail outlet conducts the transactions and allows the customers for various activities like deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds, bill payment, inquiring balance of the account, or receive government benefits or employer can deposit directly.

Features of E-Banker Agency Banking:
  • Manages Customer and Accounts.
  • Photograph and Signature can be uploaded
  • Transaction and its processed history
  • Account Open Log.
  • Fund transfer.
  • Deposit accounts and Saving Accounts.
  • Loan Account.
  • Receipt printing.
  • Reporting
Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies

E-Banker CBS offers a complete solution for PACS, built using modernized technologies. It empowers PACS to manage customer relationships, control operations centrally, provide in-built user interface to perform daily tasks easily. The open architecture of E-Banker CBS adds flexibility to customize while keeping the core processing components unaffected. This is a highly secure web based solution which has been parameterized to create distinguished banking products.

It is made completely compliant with common accounting system (CAS) and guidelines laid by NABARD.

Urban Co-operative Societies

For UCBs, E-Banker is a one stop solution for various operations like meeting the branch banking operations, head office needs, ALM, AML, remittances, bank staff management, etc. Even if the UCBs are multi-state, they could arrange separate modules for the abovementioned functions with E-Banker.

The E-Banker CBS for UCBs contains key modules for online transaction processing of deposit and loan accounts, the reports required for regulatory compliance, customer information, and everyday operations.

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