IBS Solutions For Solvex Industry

Fully integrated and cloud based ERP software for Solvex industries.

Solvex Industries

IBS solution for Solvex industries is a fully integrated & cloud web-based ERP software package that has been designed for mid / large sized manufacturers / production units keeping in mind. The software is capable of handling all functions of an enterprise. IBS Solvex ERP Solution is designed and developed by experts who have vast functional knowledge of Solvex industry & also in development & implementation of ERP systems. With the implementation of IBS for Solvex, enterprise can achieve full control on the whole system. The monitoring becomes very easy with the help of MIS. The operation is user-friendly & has the capacity to reduce the cost of functioning and helps in boosting the profit. IBS covers various modules of various functionalities. The generalized modules are listed here.

Main Modules

  • Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Warehouse (Stores & Inventory)
  • Mandi Purchase (Motar cut/ Direct/ Comm. Agent) /Purchase Payable of RawMaterial (Sauda patti, Office Order, Weighing Bridge, Purchase Bill.) Sales, Marketing & Receivable (Contract, DO, Weighing Bridge, GST Invoice.)
  • Import & Export Module
  • Production /BOM (Oil, DOC, Others)
  • HR & Payroll
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Quality Control (Pre. gate, Final Q.C.)
  • Management Information System (MIS)

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