Tax Consultation

As a Tax Consultant based in India, VGIPL holds expertise in tax compliance, tax law, and tax planning. VGIPL avails services to any individual or business owner about paying tax for any short or long period of time. It helps its clients to minimize their tax liabilities and work closely with them to pay tax returns. It has catered tax-related services to a large number of enterprises, SMEs, and individuals. With its expert team who all have a thorough knowledge of tax planning, strategizing, documentation and representation help individuals and business owners to keep a distance from any kind of tax challenges which may in turn often lead to hefty tax penalties.

How VGIPL works as a Tax Consultants?

As a Tax Consultant, VGIPL have wide knowledge about tax regulations under the Income Tax Act of India. These lines of rules are needed to be abiding by every individual and business owners while filing their taxes. Apart from playing the role of a Tax Consultant, VGIPL also offers services like:

    • Tax documentation
    • Filing e-returns
    • Completing tax forms like Form 16, Form 12 B, etc.

Benefits of hiring VGIPL as a Tax Consultant

• It is essential for every taxpayer to know its potential tax deductions throughout the year. VGIPL as a Tax Consultant aware you of all your tax deductions and further advice for the strategic investments to avoid the tax liabilities in the future. It forwards you the effective methods to save on taxes in legitimate manners.
• Usually, individuals and business owners who don’t hire any tax consultant end up making investment decisions hastily. Also, immense efforts and time are required to recheck and confirm if the income tax return is filed correctly. VGIPL as a tax consultant will deeply go through your financial portfolio and check both the incomes and investments. Additionally, it can also suggest how to effectively manage your financial portfolio.
• With an expert tax consultant advice, just like VGIPL, it becomes easy to maintain tax records in the safest and legal manner without any doubts and worries.
• With the passing time, there come many new changes in tax-paying rules. Without a tax consultant, it is feasible to miss the essential changes that occur with the time and errors that may take place. Hiring VGIPL as a tax consultant will always offer its clients the advice based on updated knowledge of the law.
• VGIPL as an expert tax consultant is the right entity to deeply look into your financial portfolio and list down every opportunity to lower your tax burden.
• Filing tax returns requires beforehand preparations which consumes huge time and still there may leave room for errors. As a tax consultant, VGIPL’s expert has detailed knowledge about tax return formalities and, thus it saves the client’s time and leaves no room for any error.
• From time to time, VGIPL connects with its all valuable clients and update them with the recent changes in tax returns filing, if any. Also, it keeps knocking on the clients for the right tie to pay the tax returns.
• Filing tax returns requires to go through many documentation and records. VGIPL’s expert helps in segregating all the essential documents and records essential to file tax returns.
• When incomes are collected from various sources, often it becomes very complicated and errors frequently take place. VGIPL’s expert tax consultants are well experienced and exactly know what to do and how to do it.

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