Textile Industry – ERP

We have efficiently replaced manual systems by enabling accountability, accuracy &
transparency without breaking the existing workflow.

Textiles - ERP

Textile manufacturing revolves around three entities customers, banks and suppliers. A customer gives a sales order to the company and this forms the basis for production planning. Raw material is purchased and dispatched to the mill. Receipts and payments are made through banks. Before the ERP deployment, most of the work was done manually resulting in inaccuracies like incorrect or missing entries. With the new system, the group can maintain its procedures. ERP has enabled accountability, accuracy, and transparency without breaking the existing workflow.

ERP Consists Of The Following Integrated Functional Modules

Yarn requisition, warping, job work, hard waste, sizing, looming.
Doubling, bleaching, winding, gassing, spooling.
For order acceptance, shipping and invoicing.
For optimizing and scheduling of production orders.
For the management of the production cycle, including dye-house management & quality control.
For the optimization of reordering, stock control, and valuation policies.
For the monitoring and control of standard and actual costs.


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