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VPN- Virtual Private Network

Virtual Galaxy InfoTech Private Ltd. is providing the prime VPN services named “V-Connect”. It is well-furnished with secure and encrypted VPN channels. It generates many layers of security and privacy aiming to provide a safe internet access. Multiple gateways and VPN tunnel accessing across various Branches/Locations empower our Virtual Private Network Services.

Virtual Private Network is a network connection that can be accessed remotely by the user. It is used to manage the security of a network connection which can be accessed from any location. It makes sure about the secure transmission of data inclusive of voice, video, and textual information within the network. Main focus is towards encrypting the data during the sending and receiving procedures.

Why should you use Virtual Private Network?

Certified Connections

Data Encapsulation


Tunneling Protocols

The above-mentioned features reinforce the connection by making it extremely secure. Network protection in highly essential for any organization to ensure the entire security of a connection. Technically, VPN provides its users with all the advantages of a LAN (Local Area Network) which is typically deployed in various offices. Like in LAN, there is no need for hard-wiring in a VPN.

VPN Services you can enjoy with Virtual Galaxy InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN are two basic types of accessibility. Virtual Galaxy has taken an initiative to provide different VPN depending on their architecture, intent to use, and accessibility.

Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-Site VPNs are usually employed in corporate organizations. Multiple branches of an Organization can be connected together virtually. With this arrangement information as well as resources are shared in a single LAN. Mainly, it ensures the secure and encrypted connection of two or more LANs (Local Area Networks).

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPNs are mainly used to connect a single and independent user to a private network.


To make a choice for a genuine VPN service provider, you can always look forward to Virtual Galaxy InfoTech Private Ltd. The main features that differentiate us from others are as follow:

Attractive Plan

High-Security endurance

Strongtechnical support team

Advanced Technology and tools

Full encryption of Data

The need for VPN services are most important to improve the online privacy of the network. It is also required to make the browsing session secure and also secure access to the websites and their contents.

Acquire the best solutions for your Virtual Private Network requirements from Virtual Galaxy Private Limited. Protect, customize and simply your networks with us. Network being an important asset of any company, it is a key to all organization’s information and strategies. Get “V-Connect” a perfect VPN solution for efficient management, protecting your data from hackers and any kind of surveillance.

V-Connect – Key Features

What Does V-Connect Offer You?

Secure VPN solution for multiple offices/locations connectivity


Safeguard Privacy

Role based Internet access

V-connect secures your content from hackers

Increases your IT efficiency

Data Encapsulation

Secure, Reliable, Scalable and optimized network connectivity

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