About Vastu


Sampada Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a group company of Virtual Galaxy
Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (VGIPL) and is instrumental in serving Housing Co-operative Societies by providing them a most Innovative, state of the art, Reliable and Cost Efficient Housing Society Management System – Vastu.

Vastu, a housing society management system help Societies to manage end-to-end work management at your fingertips. With Clientele base of 2000+ Societies, Vastu has created a Brand in itself.

Vastu Features


Automatic Bills generation with in less time with more accuracy. Billing notification to members on App and Mail. Financial details against each flats viewed with ease.


Auto Invoice generation against each flat for regular, fixed charges. Automated journal, ledger entries, Income, expenditure account and balance sheet.


Making sure all legal and regulatory compliances have adhered is a major hassle for most society management committee members. Statutory compliances brings huge amount of transparency and credibility.


Manage and view upload all society documents, Member Documents and Tenant ID documents. You can also upload your doc, pdf and zip files which are repository upload files and also have the option of download to access the file.


Vehicles owned by each flat resident with the proper database of all vehicles that are owned by the residents is available in on need to now basis. Keep detailing for all Visitor vehicles by mentioning details of vehicles they have travelled with.


Best Payment Gateway Provider through which the resident can pay bills online and manage all the online transaction with the proper track of it. Ledger & Disburse online payment of society with Best User Experience.


Replace conventional Visitor Entry Book with Digital Solution for Visitors Management. Vastu provides digital entry system of Visitors and communicate the same to Members. This ensures safety in Housing Society.


MINUTES OF MEETING AT A CLICKMaintains the detail directory of all staff specific to flats that include the all details like Name, address, phone number, photographs, etc. It will also track the timing of each staff member which makes search easy and efficient.


VISITORS MANAGEMENTVastu easily manages all kind of Society Meetings. For Society Meetings Vastu Housing Management System easily generates Meeting Notice, Agenda,Minutes of the Meeting, Note the attendances etc.


Members can raise their complaints and suggestions from the system. Here you can manage the details and status of complaints. This helps in transparent dispute resolution and necessary to maintain harmony and run the society.


Members can book the Society Facilities through Vastu System. Member can book Facilities like Club House, Gym, etc. and any other society defined resources very easily.


Here you can search for online directory of all residents of the community. Directory of common service providers in the community. Quality of service of each vendor can be rated. Helps any new resident to settle down with a single click!


The QR code system is provides for the payment gateways. The resident can pay their bills by scanning the QR code using the Vastu app installed in mobile which makes the online transaction easy and sophisticated.


Apartment billing & accounting software in which you can pay your bills online through the Wallet Integration. For paying society maintenance bills members will get all the benefits and offers of Paytm.


INTEGRATED WALLETThis is used for the all kind of notices which include important announcement or notice. It can be an important notice related to the events, activities and festival. The messages of payments and all the society related announcement accomplish here.


Meeting Schedule Notice to Members is provided through the system. Members can confirm their presence through Vastu System itself.


Here you can find the repository of files uploaded. All the reference documents like by-laws, forms, rental agreement, etc. can be stored here. Documents classification manage by admin or the management committee and accessible to all the owner’s only


Resident accounts can be added, approved, deactivated. It contains the details of all society residents’ from residential information to personal information. Comprehensive Dashboard to summarize all the system on a single Form.


Committee member take responsibilities to ensure that the society runs smoothly and the residents have a peaceful life. To keep a track of maintenance fees received from each unit member, every month and to generate receipt for every receiving bills.


Auditors would be able to express interest for Audit to cooperative society which are validated online. Audit compliance and 100% fulfilment of statutory obligations having some required features which are beneficial for both end users and administration staff.


Housing Society can manage a project like Society Paintings or any other project can be managed easily through the Vastu Housing Management System.

Salient Features

Transparency in management using different billing format

Ledger outstanding at fingertips

Entry details of each visitor

Upload and send notices to residents (owners, residents, committee
members) in a single click

Track of all the staff, vehicle, asset, income, expenses, payment etc

All types of reports convertible into text, word format

Free/Unsustainable Cost alternatives

Single Portal for Owners, Resident and Management Team




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Vastu at a glance


Active User

5 Lakhs

Active User

1 Crore

Payment Gateway 

2 Crore

Due Manage



What our client says

In this busy world VASTU give us all the power to manage oursociety in a well andccurate manner.


Turbhe Plaza- Commercial Complex

What our client says

As an accountant the thing that I like the most is software
accounting part as well as statutory compliance.


(Accountant) Using Since 2009

What our client says

As an accountant, I am using this software from past 15 years.
The functionality of this software is work like a “MAGIC “
Help to send abulk invoices to number of units within a apartment in a single
CLICK. Overall this is a BEST software for housing societies.

Mr. Katkar

( Using Software Since 2000 as an Accountant)

What our client says

Comparing other online society management software, VASTU
is the best to implement and simple to understand.

Mr. Pramod Kale

(Accountant) Using Software from Last 4 year)

What our client says

I have been using Vastu software from last two and half years.
It’s very user-friendly and excellent services with good staff

Mr. Sanjay Sati

(Accountant) Using Software from Last 2.5 year

What our client says

We have been using Vastu software since Sept-2018 for our society of 270 members. We are very much satisfied with software features and support rendered by Sampada Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.team. We could able to manage maintenance bills processing,
accounting, send maintenance invoices through email as a .pdf file and SMS reminders to members, suspense account and outstanding dues are drastically reduced with one software. The team is constantly upgrading and developing various new features and we are thankful to the team.

Mr. Nitin Desai

(Treasurer Rajaveer Palace Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd. Pune)

What our client says

We have been using Vastu software since last year which is
properly developed for the housing societies. I have recommended
this software to many societies. Really money is worth with the
good services.

Mr. Sanjay Chavan

(Tresurer Bhimashankar CHS. Nerul)

What our client says

We are using Vastu Housing Society Software for the last 10
years and from 2018 we upgraded on web based system.
We are happy with the system and services being provided by
Sampada Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. We wish them all the best for the
future assignments.


(Chairman) Bhoomiraj Woods CHS