The VGIPL Team

We believe that –
Great Things in Business are never done by one person,
they are always done by a team.

About Us

Mr. Avinash Shende

Managing Director
(Operation & Planning)

The co-founder of VGIPL, with more than 26 years of experience in the IT industry, Avinash has in-depth knowledge of the Software Development, System Management, IT Facility Management – Networking and Database Management. ... He earned his BE in Computer Engineering (1995) and MBA in IT from Nagpur University & has been actively involved with the company from day one and has contributed in the overall design and implementation of the VGIPL products. His knowledge of the banking environment and successful background in the IT industry has enabled him to understand the needs of the Clients impeccably. Through his techno- commercial approaches, he managed the development of cost effective IT solutions as per requirements of the market and has successfully won quality business for VGIPL while also focussing on customer satisfaction. Despite being 1 st Generation entrepreneur, he has well understood the intricacies of the business and has contributed his best to make it successful.

Mr. Sachin Pande

Managing Director
(Business Development & Management)

The co-founder of VGIPL, with more than 26 years of experience in the IT industry, Sachin has thorough knowledge of System Management, Database design, Web & Cloud applications, Digital Payments and three-tier, N-tier architectures etc. ... He earned his BE Computer Engineering (1994) and MBA in IT from Nagpur University. He is an experienced, successful 1 st generation entrepreneur, operator and investor uniquely combined with recognized sales and marketing skills as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions strengths. Mr. Pande has deep experience in the System Management, RDBMS, Web-Based, Client-Server applications, Object Oriented Programs (OOPs), three-tier, N-tier architectures, cloud computing and upcoming technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block-Chain and Digital Payment. He brings in the skill sets of leadership, strategic planning, operations, and team building/ culture development, and sales & marketing.