A Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection which gives online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. It masks the internet protocol address to prevent online actions getting traced and covers the browsing activity from prying eyes on public internet connections. The encrypted connection helps to ensure that the sensitive data is safely transmitted. It is mostly used by corporates to safeguard sensitive data. It can also be used to access geo-restricted websites.

Need for a VPN service

When we transact on an unsecured Wi-Fi or surf on the web, we expose our private information and browsing habit, unknowingly. Here, VPN services are the best for those who are concerned about their online security and privacy.

It is a common habit of many to read their messages, check their working emails, or go through their financial details in the public place. In such cases, when these people use private Wi-Fi network which requires a password to get logged in, then any data transmitted during their online session could be unsafe to eavesdropping by others who are using the same network.

Using VPN, we get encryption and anonymity that helps to protect online activities, for example, sending emails, checking bank data, paying bills, etc.

How to choose a VPN ?

VPN is a secured solution when using a private Wi-Fi network. It is essential to keep in mind a few points while selecting a VPN provider.

  • Respect your privacy

VPN services are preferred to attain securities to all your activities. It is crucial that a VPN provider should also respect your privacy. The provider should be honest enough not to track your online activities.

  • Runs the most current protocol

Open VPN provides are measured as stronger security such as PPTP. Open VPN is open-source software that largely supports all major operating systems.

  • Data limits

The size of bandwidth is an important factor while deciding for a VPN provider. Depending on your internet usage, make their services fulfills your need and find out if they provide full, unmetered bandwidth without data limits.

  • Server’s location

You need to decide which server location is beneficial and important for you. If you have an additional need to appear as if you are accessing the Web from a certain locale, check if there’s a server in that country.

  • VPN access on multiple devices

It becomes essential in business sectors to use VPN services in multiple devices at the same time. Ideal VPN services provide easy access to nearly 4/5 devices at the same time.

  • Cost factor

Free and paid VPN services, both are present in the market. Compared to paid VPN services, there are limited services in free VPN. You may also be served frequent advertisements, or risk your personal information. You may lack a few services in free VPN, for example,

  1. Slow connection speed and highest bandwidth may not be available
  2. Have disconnection problems frequently
  3. Won’t get the current and most secure protocols
  4. May not be having servers globally


VPN services are really popular, nowadays. The vast majority of people are using it for various reasons. It serves a way to connect securely the business networks together over the internet. It becomes vital for the people and companies having vast usage of VPN services to look for the VPN service provider availing the above-mentioned securities and benefits.

It is computed that paid VPN providers such as V-Connect are preferred to the free service providers. It offers robust gateways, proven security, unmatched speed, and much more. Regardless of which provider you go for, assure that you select the VPN service provider that provides more security, privacy, and anonymity online.