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VGIPL Data Centre and Cloud Services
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VGIPL’s Data Centre

  • Data Centre
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Centre Colocation
  • Security
  • Network services

Data Centre

VGIPL’s offers Data Centre with all-in-one solution, an automated system is designed to manage various aspects of data centre easily, efficiently and quickly. It also includes power protection, increased security, and controls with a high level of privacy and flexibility.

Disaster Recovery

VGIPL’s BIG Data Disaster Recovery solution helps to protect the business from unexpected failure of your systems. This failure can range from simple off-site backup of data to entire standby systems.
It comes as an extensive helping hands for the businesses to get back on their feet after a disaster allowing them to continue regular works and avoid any financial losses that may arise due to extended downtime.
Additionally, it ensures an organization in avoiding any kind of stress about compliance violations and legal issues related to data loss and downtime.
Safeguard the worst effects of any kind of disasters from complete loss of both data and essential business process which can threaten the base of an organization.

Data Centre Colocation

VGIPL’s Data Centre Colocation provides organization to rent physical office space, all other resources present within an existing data center including network or Internet bandwidth to arrange its own data centre.
Our Data Centre Colocation offers a shared, secure space for enterprise businesses to store data and other equipment.
Now with our Data Centre Colocation, it is possible to house any organization’s or business enterprise’s servers without the need to buy or manage it.


With VGIPL’s Data Centre, any organization or business enterprises can protect structured data stored in databases and applications.
Our data centre keeps valuable assets protected and in compliance with regulatory mandates using policy-based access controls, with centralized administration, by combining robust encryption, and enterprise key management.

Network services

VGIPL’s modern data centre works with a purpose to accommodate numerous data centre tenants with a wide range of workloads.
Our data centre network comprises:
  • Servers to manage the workloads and attend to clients requests
  • Switches which works to keep the devices together
  • Routers help to perform packet forwarding functions
  • Controllers manage workflow in between network devices
  • Gateways help connecting broader internet and data centre networks
  • Clients play the role of consumers of the information in data packets
Our Data Centre Network Services help organizations manage more data to speed up their digital journeys.

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